Research and technology are advancing medical science — and opportunities to improve healthcare — faster than ever before. At Pappas Ventures, our insightful team has the expertise and knowledge necessary to examine those opportunities, appraise their viability, and build our portfolio with companies that show the most potential. While the landscape is constantly evolving, we take a long-term approach, advancing life science solutions that will enhance patient care long into the future.

We take an active role in supporting our portfolio companies. Pappas Ventures nurtures partnership-style relationships based on mutual respect, uncompromised integrity, and a strong belief in the power of collaboration. These are the principles that define every endeavor we undertake and every investment we make.

Expanding life science innovation in our region and across North America.

From the very beginning we’ve invested on a national basis, deploying nearly a third of our capital in California, and an equal amount in important biotech centers along the East Coast, including our home territory, the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. However, we don’t just focus on the most obvious biotech regions. We have a longstanding interest in places such as Texas, Indiana, and Montreal – and in other areas with world class medical research that don’t get as much attention from venture investors as they perhaps deserve. We see these, and other under-served markets, as important and growing opportunities.

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